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God asks us to shine as lights in a dark world and not hide the talents he has given us. There is no "one religion" shared on this CD. There is no “one religion” in Heaven's Harmony Children's Music. Denominations vary. Children’s backgrounds include public-school, home-school, or private school. Education and family dynamics are as different as the pebbles of sand on a beach. The children who participated in the CD range all the way from ages 4-16. The children who are a part of and who become Heaven's Harmony Children's Music are also as unique and special as the stars in the sky. There is no “audition”.

See, a child does not sing or act because they have "perfect pitch" or “acting ability,” but because they have a song to sing and a story to tell. The angels above in heaven (I have witnessed this over and over) visit us as we minister and sing and act right along with us and each and every time, God is glorified...

This one thing I do know. No matter how culturally diverse, the children all love the Lord and want to serve Him.


Enter the World of Music

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I'm Having so Much Fun

I Love It

One Small Angel

A Few Music Makers

and a Few More Music Makers

Hurry up and Take the Picture

Noisy Angel

Oh it is So Much Fun to Sing

A Special Angel

Another Special Angel

Nervous Angel

Sister Angel #1

Sister Angel #2

Blonde Angel

Baby Angel

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