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Heaven's Harmony Children's Music will begin classroom instruction, which includes vocal and concert performance training AND online music education classes beginning September 2003 through May 2004 for children ages 4-17.

Your child will be taught to:

Read and write music
Compose songs
Record music
Present concerts (as a group or solo)
Share musical/drama

Cost will be 40.00 per month. Discounts for multiple family members.

Education will be age appropriate and geared for ages 4-17 and all music will have a Christian basis.

Online music education classes will be perfect for home-schoolers and for those children who live outside of the immediate area. Depending on how far away you live, your child might be able to participate in a concert or two!

Classroom instruction in the Hamilton/Missoula Montana area is perfect for those children interested in presenting their talent to the local community.

Children perform in black and white with color-coordinating ties to suit the occasion. Ties provided by HHCM.

There will be an opportunity for your child/children to participate in the next Heaven's Harmony Children's CD even if you live out of the area. You child will receive instruction on writing their song/songs online and via phone call and mail. They will be able to record their vocal and/or instrumental music in a local studio in your area. That work will be sent to HHCM. Then, their music can be placed on the CD as if they recorded right here! There will be a fee for the recording but it will be well worth the investment as your child will have a memory to cherish along with learning valuable information about the recording industry.

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