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To receive an informational HHCM flyer complete with class outlines and schedules and/or

To recieve the HHCM monthly newsletter which provides spotlights on upcoming concerts, talent programs, links to related concerts/shows, summer music camps, interesting music education updates, inspirational music messages from myself and all children involved with HHCM and/or

To recieve a HHCM registration form and/or

To purchase a HHCM Just a Child CD for $10.00

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Jeanne Saunders

Thanks to all the (old and new-far away and near and those people I have yet to meet) friends, family, prayer partners, helpers, paper copiers, errand runners, food bringers, cleaner uppers, tie placers, party planners, equipment sharers, advice givers, CD sellers, Cd buyers, costume makers, recording buddies, website fixers, patient parents, teachers, church folks, those with wide shoulders, those with big hugs, picture takers, behind the sceners, the phone call makers and recievers, community aquaintances, and especially, the children,who have supported HHCM over the years.
You continually amaze me with unconditional love and acceptance of this ministry and the vision that God has planted in my heart for every child of this world. God bless you all.
(You all know who you are and you are loved so much).

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